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We are a co-educational, Catholic, primary school which strives to provide a well-ordered, caring, happy and secure atmosphere where intellectual, spiritual, physical, moral and cultural needs of the pupils are identified and addressed.


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Digital Learning Strategy

In order to identify a focus for our Digital Learning Plan, we are gathering information and would welcome feedback from as many pupils as possible from 3rd-6th class  using an online survey. Since only one pupil at a time can complete the survey during school time, we are hoping that it can be done at home. It shouldn't take more than about 20 mins. but some of the language may be a little difficult to understand and adult help may be required. Please use the following link to bring you to the correct survey. You may take breaks as you work but once you start, the survey must be submitted within 2 hours. Click here to access the survey.




28/09/2019 19:34 | Bennekerry N.S. News

End of year Newsletter

Our end of year Newsletter has just been uploaded. You will find it on the 'Our School' tab under the Newsletters.

20/06/2019 15:28 | Bennekerry N.S. News

Information re. School Reports and Testing

Letters were recently sent out explaining changes to the new Drumcondra Reading Tests. These letters also explained a little about how these test scores should be interpreted. Copies of these letters as PDF files have been added on the OUR SCHOOL section of this website under POLICIES, as you may wish to refer to them and may not be able to lay your hands on the original copy. One letter is entitled "Information re. School Reports and Testing (2nd-6th)" and there is a second one whose title is" Information re. School Reports and Testing (1st Class)".

17/06/2019 16:54 | Bennekerry N.S. News

Sporting Achievements

31/05/2019 16:13 | Bennekerry N.S. News

Upcoming Performance

By now our pupils should be well aware of the possibility of “growing your brain” and are familiar with growth mindset ideals. Should you wish to refresh yourselves on the prompts that the pupils were given each week, they are featured below. To summarise the content of our lessons we have booked a performance for the pupils entitled “NED’s Mindset Mission!” Through this performance the students will learn

15/05/2019 20:25 | Bennekerry N.S. News

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