Absence Requirements

Please don’t send a sick child to school. If your child is absent, you must fill in an absence slip and return it to your child’s teacher. This absence slip is a legal requirement for Túsla (Educatonal Welfare Service (EWS) and Family Agency). The school is required to keep all absence slips on file. Alternatively, you can inform the school about reasons for absences through Aladdin Connect. This is probably the simplest and most direct method of making such communications.

Túsla is charged with monitoring school attendance and the school is legally obliged to inform this agency if a pupil misses more than 20 days in the school year. (There is absolutely no need to phone the school to explain absences except in exceptional circumstances e.g. a serious illness or infectious disease.)

If you have to take your child away from school early, please send a note to the class teacher in the morning and then sign the book in the Secretary’s office before you leave.

Taking children out of school for family holidays during term time is strongly discouraged.

Click here to download an absence slip