Traffic Management at the School

The health and safety of our pupils is always our primary concern. The large volume of traffic at the gate in the mornings and afternoons poses a significant challenge as far as pupils’ safety is concerned.


We ask parents to exercise extreme caution at all times when dropping off and collecting their children. Your co-operation on the following is essential for the safety of all.

• Do not use the pedestrian area around the bus parking space for parking, set-down or pick-up as moving vehicles in this area pose a serious risk to all students as they enter and exit the school premises. This applies at all times, even when the bus is not in situ.

• Consider carpooling with friends or neighbours to reduce traffic.

• Parents should stand outside the pupil’s designated waiting area at 3pm to leave ample room for the children coming out of school i.e. the paved area inside the bollards is intended for pupils only.

• Always reverse into a parking space rather than driving in and reversing out.

• Do not park close to the pedestrian crossing. 

• Use the designated drop off areas for set down only. 

• Avoid doing a U-turn anywhere in the vicinity of the school.

• The staff car park is strictly for the use of staff.

• Please show consideration to other parents by exiting the car park promptly in the mornings as soon as you have dropped off your child. This will ensure that there will be spaces available for others to do likewise.

• Please assist us in keeping the two gates at the main entrance closed at all times during the school day. 

• Be mindful of our neighbours living close to the school and ensure that the access to their homes remains unobstructed by school traffic at all times. 

• It is important to pass on this information to child minders or anybody else who collects your children.