Food Dudes 2018

The Food Dudes Programme is a huge success. The Senior Classes received fruit and veg. for 8 days and the Junior Classes for 16 days. The idea was that each child would at least taste both the fruit and veg. and preferably would eat a full portion (i.e. the amount that would fit in their own cupped hand).

 Pupils are making a huge effort to bring fruit and veg. to school as part of their own lunch. It is great to see healthy eating habits being established. Your co-operation in this part of the programme is vital and no doubt the local supermarkets will notice a huge increase in sales in the green grocery section! As the poster says “Keep General Junk at Bay, Eat Fruit and Vegetables Every Day.”



Many classes also engaged in project work, art work and other fun activities based on healthy eating.  See our wonderful work below.



Healthy Eating Gallery