School Policies

Please find below a list of our school policies. Check back for regular updates as policies are updated on an ongoing basis without prior notice.

 TitleModified DateSize 
Notification of BOM Review of Child Safeguarding Statement 202006/08/202015.41 KBDownload
Notification of Review of Anti-Bullying Policy 201925/06/201917.16 KBDownload
Notification of Review of Child Safeguarding Statement 201928/03/201917.53 KBDownload
Notification of BOM Review of Anti-bullying policy 202006/08/202015.41 KBDownload
Information re School Reports and Standardised Testing (First Class)17/06/2019204.37 KBDownload
Information re. School Reports and Standardised Testing (2nd-6th Class)17/06/2019213.99 KBDownload
Logistical Plan for the Re-opening of Bennekerry N.S. - Covid-19 Response Plan 08/09/2020222.97 KBDownload
Protected Disclosures in the Workplace Policy10/04/2019219.50 KBDownload
Stay Safe Policy13/11/202089.80 KBDownload
Swimming Policy26/06/201752.35 KBDownload
Whole School Evaluation26/06/201797.01 KBDownload
Special Education Needs Policy28/11/2018776.15 KBDownload
Religious Education Policy25/01/2019362.06 KBDownload
RSE Policy13/11/2020201.66 KBDownload
Social, Personal and Health Education Policy25/01/2019173.48 KBDownload
ICT Acceptable Usage Policy13/10/2020402.66 KBDownload
Attendance Strategy 201814/03/2018409.83 KBDownload
Bennekerry N.S. Covid-19 Policy Statement and Risk Assessment08/09/2020428.88 KBDownload
Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment28/03/2019423.64 KBDownload
Anti-Bullying Policy28/11/2018792.40 KBDownload
Accident and Injury Policy28/11/2018553.36 KBDownload
Administration of Medicines28/11/2018685.98 KBDownload
Admissions Policy13/10/2020386.82 KBDownload
Code of Behaviour28/11/2018720.25 KBDownload
Dignity at Work Policy08/11/2019609.03 KBDownload
Health and Safety Statement28/11/2018618.16 KBDownload
Homework Policy27/06/2018466.20 KBDownload
DES Covid 19 Response Plan06/08/20201.03 MBDownload
Complaints Procedure16/05/2019114.84 KBDownload
Critical Incidents Policy28/11/2018528.48 KBDownload
Data Protection Policy16/10/2020398.65 KBDownload