Annual Performances

Because of our large numbers, it would be impractical for all of our pupils to perform on any one given day. However, we try to ensure that each class has an opportunity to perform for their parents/grandparents at least once a year.

The Infant classes through to Second class generally put on a performance in the last week before the Christmas holidays. The stage is erected, the decorations go up and Junior and Senior infants, clad in Santa hats and Christmas jumpers, add to the Christmas cheer. Homes are raided as dressing-gowns and tea-cloths are used for purposes for which they were never intended as 6 and 7 year olds are suddenly transformed into shepherds and wise-men (in appearance only) and you need to take care not to get a kick from a wicked camel or two!!

The older pupils partake in a Carol Service and while there isn’t room in the Church for parents during the daytime service, we join with the Parish Choir for a service at night and all are welcome to attend.

The 3rd and 4th classes usually have a chance to show off their newly acquired skills on the recorder at some point during the year while the grandparents of 5th class visit for Grandparents’ Day in the spring. The 6th classes round off their time with us here in Bennekerry N.S. by inviting their parents to the school for an afternoon of reminiscences and recollections.

Below you will see a variety of photographs from some of the performances we have had over the years.


The Highlights 2016