Reading Resolutions

Since this initiative was deemed a great success by pupils parents and staff last year, we are running it once again from 3rd February right through to 21st February. 

The Reading Resolutions Initiative was so successful last year that we have decided to run it again. In 2019 it will run from 25th February to 13th March. Get those books out and get reading.

During the first week, pupils will have no written homework so that they will have additional time to spend reading. There are many options for them to choose as regards resolutions which they will make regarding reading and books. Pupils will be encouraged to share their opinions on book which they have read and the "recommend to a friend" idea worked really well for us in the past. If things go well, and pupils are engaging well with the initiative, there may be no written homework again in the third week!!!

We are delighted to announce that Reading Resolutions is running in Bennekerry NS for 3 weeks! It started Monday February 12th and will run until Friday March 2nd 2018.       

We want the pupils to:

  • Read high quality books
  • Become familiar with the work of good authors
  • Learn where to find good book recommendations
  • Become a community of readers
  • Work as a team to get rewards
  • Visit the local library

You will find more information in your child's homework folder or journal.

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