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Internet Safety and Cyber-Bullying

May 15 2019

On 3rd and 4th April the pupils in 4th-6th classes were visited by Ger Brick who gave enlightening talks on Internet Safety and Cyber-Bullying. Pupils were informed about the importance of respectful communication, privacy settings and passwords and the dangers of passing on personal information among other things. On the evening of 4th April, Ger gave a talk for parents which included information on Parental Controls, what to watch for in the case of Cyber-Bullying and the importance of controlling gaming time and content. Feedback from those who were present was very positive. Crime Prevention Officer, Garda Peter McConnon was also present and he highlighted the dangers associated with misuse of Information Technology and acknowledged that it is vital that parents are aware of how their children are engaging with on-line apps and games.                                                       

The material Ger presented to parents is available for viewing at  www.inetsafetytalk.com/parentinfo .  Staff and parents should use username parentinfo and password of inetsafety55 to access the page and presentation.  To protect the content of this material, the files are password protected with a password of inetsafety55. Ger has requested that the information be used by parents for their own personal use and the information contained is not to be distributed or published to social media. If you were unable to attend on 4th April, I strongly urge you to engage with the materials Ger has provided. If you were present, I am absolutely confident that you will do so!!

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