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May 15 2019

By now our pupils should be well aware of the possibility of “growing your brain” and are familiar with growth mindset ideals. Should you wish to refresh yourselves on the prompts that the pupils were given each week, they are featured below. To summarise the content of our lessons we have booked a performance for the pupils entitled “NED’s Mindset Mission!” Through this performance the students will learn

-       The Power of Yet – If you’re not good at something, it just means you’re not good at it yet

-       How to spark courage in others

-       How to keep learning and growing, even when they think they already know something


NED’s Mindset Mission is an interactive, 45-minute all-school performance which uses storytelling, puppetry, illusions and yoyo tricks to take the students on an entertaining journey with the character NED. He follows clues, meets memorable characters and learns valuable lessons. 

Generally, there would be a considerable charge for this performance, but the group have agreed to put it on for free. Instead, on the day of the show, the performer will bring a selection of NED messaged items – primarily yo-yo’s like the ones used during the performance.  These will be available for families to purchase for 5-10 school days following the performance which will take place on 6th June. There is no pressure on any family to buy as there is no minimum sale requirement; what we collect is what is accepted as payment for the show.

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