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May 31 2019

Our hurling/camogie and football teams have been enjoying tremendous success in recent times. You have probably been keeping in touch and are aware of these through our twitter account or by checking in here on our website. We are at present, the only team from Carlow to hold all our Division 1 Cumann na mBunscol titles within a single school year, girls’ and boys’ football, camogie and hurling. Great credit must go to the players who showed true grit and determination in grinding out result after result until they reached finals, and in most cases, emerged victorious. Credit also to the clubs who have trained them and honed their skills and to the parents who ferry them here, there and yonder to training sessions and matches. Maith sibh!!

The true hero of these successes though, is Ms. Deirdre Tomlinson. She has worked tirelessly over the past number of years to, more than anything else, encourage pupils to participate in sport. She constantly seeks to find ways of inveigling children to join in with some form of activity, be it “Move to Music Monday”, “Fun Day Friday”, indoor rowing, dance, gymnastics, balance bikes, athletics or of course her main love, team sports. Her enthusiasm knows no bounds and the pupils cannot fail but be carried along in the bubble of positivity. She strongly encourages a spirit of respect, togetherness and fair play. Each time a player takes to the field, he/she knows they are expected to give of their best, no more and no less.

The entire school community of Bennekerry N.S. owe a huge debt of gratitude to Ms. Tomlinson for sharing her time, patience, energy and enthusiasm. We also wish her luck as she represents Ireland in the women’s Masters Basketball Tournament in Helsinki during the summer. Buíochas mór duit a Dheirdre, agus go néirí leat leis an gCispheil.

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