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Teagasc Hedgerow Competition

Nov 05 2019

Teagasc is running a children’s competition to celebrate Hedgerow Week !

 If you are interested, print out the entry form using the url below (1 per child) and complete the names of the species pictured that live in our native Irish hedgerows.

 Once you complete the worksheet, post your entry to:

Yvonne Maher


Oak Park

Co. Carlow

 You can win prizes such as:

• An annual family pass to Dublin Zoo
• Farm overalls/hats sponsored by FTMTA Members

 The Deadline to Enter is 21 November!


Click here  for the entry form 


Here is another link to help you identify the pictures  https://www.teagasc.ie/environment/biodiversity--countryside/farmland-habitats/childrens-competition-clues-and-answers-/


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