The 1916 Proclamation - The Hero's
Senior Infants - Teddy Bear Picnic

On Friday June 22nd Senior Infants together with their favourite teddy bear and their teachers enjoyed a 'Teddy Bear Picnic' in the sunshine.

It began by eating our picnic on parachutes. After our picnic we enjoyed some games and races. The first race was a 'race with your teddy bear between your knees' followed by 'a race with the teddy bear under your arm' and finally we had competition to see who could throw their teddy bear the furthest !

A great time was had by all.


Quiz Teams
We take part in multiple quizzes throughout the year. An emphasis is placed on enjoyment, participation and learning about the world we live in. Quiz practice takes place during lunch time for senior classes.

Well done to our U 11’s and U 13’s Quiz team members who took part in Stage 1 of the Carlow District Credit Union Schools Quiz which was held on 26
th January 2018. The U11 team won 1st place on the night while after an extremely close tie break the U13 team came in at 2nd place. The U11 team will now go forward to Stage 2 of the competition in March. Congratulations to both teams.