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Information for schools and pre-school settings including parents of students/children on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) v3. 27.02.2020

Feb 28 2020

There is an ongoing outbreak of a COVID-19 (Coronavirus) that started in China. Infections have been reported in several other countries. Details of affected areas where COVID-19 is circulating in the community are available on HSE.ie. The HSE HPSC is monitoring the situation and updating its webs ite www.hpsc.iedaily. CoronavirusesCoronaviruses are a large group of viruses that can cause illnesses. Some of these illnesses are very mild, like the common cold, while others are more severe, like SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).COVID-19 (Coronavirus)A “novel coronavirus” means a new type of coronavirus that has never been seen in humans before. The coronavirus recently identified in China is one of these. This infection caused by the new coronavirus has being named “COVID-19”.Symptoms of COVID-19It can take up to 14 days from exposure to the virus for the symptoms of COVID-19 to appear. These symptoms include:  Fever  Cough Shortness of breathTreatment of COVID-19There is no s ...

Chief Medical Officer advice to parents

Feb 27 2020

The Chief Medical Officer from the Department of Health, Dr Tony Holohan, has issued the following letter to parents of school children travelling from affected regions.________________________________________The Department of Education and Skills has updated information for schools, preschools and third level institutions on Covid-19; provided by the Department of Health and HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre following a meeting of the National Public Health Emergency Team.Public health doctors are available to liaise with schools and advise on precautions if staff and/or students have any concerns.Anyone who has been to affected regions in the last 14 days and has a cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties or fever should self-isolate and phone their GP immediately.Anyone who has travelled from the affected regions and has no symptoms should visit http://www.hse.ie/ for advice.The most important action we can take to protect ourselves from Covid-19 is regular hand-wa ...

Christmas Newsletter

Dec 16 2019

Our Christmas newsletter has just been posted. On it you will find times and dates for our Christmas Performances and Carol Service so if you are not sure and need clarification, please check it out. 

WORKSHOPS- Spring 2020 Primary Care & Child Psychology Service Kilkenny Tel: 056 7784613

Dec 05 2019

The HSE Primary Care and Psychology Service in Kilkenny offer workshops for parents. We recently received a flier which outlines the courses available for the Spring of 2020. You will find the flier by clicking on the "Parents" tab and selecting "School Communication" on the drop down menu. There are several courses which may be of interest to you. 

Newsletter November 2019

Nov 06 2019

Our latest newsletter has just been uploaded. You will find it in the "Newletters" section in the drop down menu under the "Our School" tab. In response to a request from our Green School committee, and in effort to cut down on  our use of paper, our newsletters will only be published in this way from now on. There is plenty to celebrate so we hope you will enjoy reading it. 

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